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June 13, 2016Joint ActivationJAn induced joint is activated when it cracks and starts to open.
June 13, 2016Joint DeteriorationJOver the working life of a concrete slab, some of the joints are likely to deteriorate to some extent, especially if they are heavily trafficked by MH
June 13, 2016Joint IntersectionJA joint intersection is the point at which two joints intersect or where the corners of four panels meet.
August 14, 2013Joint LayoutJJoint layout is important in the design of a concrete floor. A good joint layout can minimise the risk of unwanted random cracks.
August 14, 2013Joint SealantJJoint Sealants are supplied as liquids or paste-like materials that cure to create a flexible seal.
August 16, 2013Joint StabiliserJJoint Stabiliser eliminates concrete joint load transfer problems with a spring-like mechanism which allows it to expand and contract with the slab.
June 13, 2016Jointed BayJA jointed bay is a pour divided into smaller panels by sawn restrained-movement joints.
June 13, 2016Jointless BayJA jointless bay is a large pour with no induced joints.
November 28, 2016Jointless FloorJJointless Floor - Floor constructed in large panels without intermediate joints.
July 17, 2013JointsJJoints - Vertical discontinuity provided in a floor slab to allow for construction and/or relief of strains.
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