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July 16, 2013DatumDA datum is a point of reference when levelling, usually given an elevation value of zero.
December 10, 2015Dead LoadsDDead loads are caused by the intrinsic permanent weight of a structure.
May 31, 2016De-Bonded DowelDDe-Bonded dowels are steel bars or plates used at free movement joints to enable load transfer across joints whilst preventing restraint between panel
July 16, 2013DefectDDefect - A feature causing obvious serviceability or structural issues that directly prevents safe and efficient use of the floor.
July 16, 2013Defined MovementDDefined Movement - Narrow aisles in warehouses where materials handling equipment only moves in defined paths.
August 21, 2013Defined Movement SurveyDDefined Movement Survey - Are conducted in high-bay, high racking warehouses and indicate a floors compliance to floor specifications.
July 16, 2013DeflectionDDeflection - Elastic or creep deformation of the slab or its support under loading.
May 31, 2016Deformed BarDA deformed bar is a type of dowel used in a formed joint when minimal movement is desired in the joint.
July 16, 2013DelaminationDDelamination is the debonding of a thin layer of concrete from the surface of a concrete slab.
August 19, 2013DemarcationDDemarcation - lines marking divisions between Safety and potential danger, making them one of the most important and powerful safety tools.
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