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VNA Trucks


Also referred to as front or lateral stackers, these lift trucks handle pallets perpendicular to the direction of travel, and due to a reduced movement area are able to operate in VNA.

Technical Information

VNA Truck
VNA Truck


Operators in these trucks can travel at either floor level or in a compartment, level with the forks, giving them also the name “man-down” and “man-up” trucks respectively.

Most trucks have three wheels - two on the front axle and one drive wheel at the rear. Some variations of this truck have two wheels at the back to provide a larger load distribution and traction. Rarely these trucks are found to have a rectangular arrangement of wheels.

As these trucks operate in VNA they use guidance systems to accurately and efficiently aid aisle movement. These guidance systems can take the form of rails (floor mounted or top and bottom mounted) or wires (which affect the thickness and reinforcement design of the concrete slab).

The truck’s tyres are composed of polyurethane, which are not usually aggressive to surfaces but can damage joint arrises.



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