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Laser Grinder® XPT


Laser Grinder XPT
Laser Grinder XPT

The Laser Grinder® XPT (Extra Precision Technology) is the latest generation of Laser Grinder®.

Technical Information

As with the standard Laser Grinder®, the Laser Grinder® XPT is used for precision concrete floor grinding, typically in warehouse defined movement areas such as very narrow aisles (VNA).

However, the Laser Grinder® XPT uses computer technology to control the grinding process automatically, thereby improving accuracy and grinding efficiency; survey data from the area to be ground is entered into the computer system which then calculates the best way to grind the floor to the required specification whilst removing the minimum amount of concrete necessary. The result is an ‘Ultraflat’ floor profile which far exceeds the limits of all international defined movement floor flatness specifications.

Developed specifically for use in operational warehouses, normal activities can continue around the grinding process, even in sensitive environments such as food or pharmaceuticals without any risk of contamination.

The Laser Grinder® XPT was invented by Concrete Grinding Ltd and they are the owner/operator of the system.

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