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Free Movement Area


Free Movement Area - Floor area where materials handling equipment can move freely in any direction.

Technical Information

Free Movement Area
Free Movement Area

Surface Regularity in Free Movement Areas

In assessing the surface regularity in Free Movement areas it is not possible to survey an infinite number of points and so a sample representing the floor is surveyed. Free-movement floors and associated construction tolerances are not intended for VNAs, where a defined-movement specification should be used.

Flatness & Levelness
Flatness & Levelness

Choosing Free Movement Floor Classification

New floors should be constructed to the highest practical standard of levelness and flatness. FM2 is suggested in order to give the greatest flexibility for future use of the building.

When deciding on the classification, it should be recognised that, apart from a higher potential cost of the floor, the requirement for higher flatness tolerances may lead to construction methods with more formed joints.

Properties Measured

Two properties are measured in free movement areas, as defined below:



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