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Defined Movement


Defined Movement - Narrow aisles in warehouses where materials handling equipment only moves in defined paths

Technical Information

Defined Movement
Defined Movement

In these aisles, the surface regularity of the floor is a critical factor in the performance of the MHE

If the precise positions of the aisles are not known at the time of floor construction, it is not appropriate to specify the surface regularity of the aisles as defined movement areas.

These survey methods are used for MHE pathways and have no relevance to the areas of floor under the racking. Areas away from racking as goods in and out and transfer areas should be regarded as free-movement areas.

The table below shows the static lean and how the variation in floor level across an aisle between the wheel tracks of a truck is magnified at the top of the mast in direct proportion to its height. Variations in level also induce dynamic movements in the mast that can significantly magnify the static lean.

Static Lean Table
Static Lean Table

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