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Base Specification


In concrete industrial flooring, a base specification is a document given by the Client to the slab’s designers which gives details of what is required of the floor design.

Technical Information

The base specification is a very important document in which the client can outline what they want from the slab and the conditions under which the slab will be built and used. It is an important document as it can be used as evidence if any disputes arise over whether the designer or contractor have properly fulfilled the brief laid out by the client.

The following information is useful to include in the base specification for an industrial floor slab:

  • Expected loading on the slab.
  • Geotechnical information.
  • The expected warehouse layout.
  • Whether a mezzanine is to be installed and its location.
  • The slab’s required flatness tolerance.
  • The type of usage the slab will undergo.
  • The anticipated location of areas of heavy trafficking.
  • The location of dock levellers.
  • The location of structural elements such as columns.
  • The type of concrete available for construction.

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