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CoGripedia your encyclopedia of terms used in the industrial flooring industry.

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May 6, 2016Long Strip PourLThe long strip pour method is the slowest, most accurate placement method for a concrete floor slab.
May 6, 2016Surface PreparationSSurface preparation is the cleaning of a concrete floor surface prior to applying a new industrial floor system or repair material, by either mechanic
May 6, 2016Foam Backing ChordFFoam Backing Cord is a compressible, non-absorbent foam joint backer rod designed to reduce the amount of sealant used when sealing floor joints.
May 6, 2016CoGri Arris Repair MortarCCoGri Arris Repair Mortar in a resin based mortar, used for the repair of concrete industrial floors.
May 4, 2016Slump TestSThe slump test is a quick way to indicate the consistency and workability of a fresh concrete mix.

Whats new

Large Area Construction - Jointed

Up to several 1000's square metres in area can be laid in a continuous operation. Joints are used at the edges of each pour...



Procedure to significantly reduce the early loss of moisture from the slab surface



Profileograph - A self propelled wheeled instrument which travels across the floor measuring a given very narrow aisle surface regularity specification.

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